Arkansans Deserve Better!

“The people in our district—my family, my friends, and my neighbors—need a senator who more accurately reflects them and shares their concerns for our future and that of future generations. We have to change direction, seek solutions for the real problems Arkansans face daily, and, most importantly, get back to helping others succeed.”
—Melissa Fults, Candidate for Arkansas Senate, District 33

About Melissa

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, small dairy goat farmer, and community champion who has an personal understanding of the everyday challenges you face.


Let’s begin a discussion about the ways we can improve upon education, health care, and economic development opportunities in our district. What impacts your life most?

Get Involved

Together, we can influence a change, but not without your help. Willing to walk door to door with me, to display a yard sign, or make a donation? See how you can help.